We know active lifestyles, reading, and exercising can help combat dementia, but did you know that treating hearing loss with hearing aids can also help? Many recent studies have confirmed that age-related hearing loss is a biomarker for cognitive decline, in other words, hearing loss can adversely affect cognitive abilities. Luckily, this risk factor is modifiable, which means there is something you can do about it! How lucky are we that we live in a time that we can help prevent this terrible disease?! 

Hearing loss can affect your cognitive function and worsen social isolation, depression, and overall brain overload (deciphering what was said instead of focusing on content). The extra time it takes you to follow what is being said in a conversation can really add up, and this can harm your brain.

Hearing well is the number one step most of us can take in the battle against dementia, and the solutions offered today are smarter and more discrete than ever. 

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